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Researching Best Blogging tools

An Overview of the Best Tools for keyword research


The world of marketing is changing quickly and at its core is digital marketing. When someone is looking for products or services today, they tend to turn to search engines first.

This is where search engine optimization, often shortened to SEO, is incredibly important. For those who might not know, SEO is the strategy of structuring a digital marketing campaign (specifically a website) in a manner that is friendly to search engines.

The goal is to get a targeted website to rank highly for certain words or phrases that might be relevant to the industry.

How can a person or business figure out which keywords are important for their needs? This is where keyword research is critical. The core of SEO is keyword research.

After keyword research, some of the other factors that play important roles in digital marketing campaigns include:

The quality of the user experience Posting high-quality content on a regular basis On-page optimization

On the other hand, none of these factors are going to matter if they cannot be optimized around the correct keywords. That is why so many companies are willing to sell out thousands of keywords in order to figure out which content matters most to their industries. The good news is that this doesn’t have to cost a tremendous amount of money; however, it is still important to choose the right keywords based on the data available.

Fortunately, there are plenty of tools that can help you do this. In general, there are two separate types of keyword research tools. They include:

The Basic Keyword Research Tool: This tool uses a seed keyword to find other, profitable keywords that will help a company orchestrate an effective SEO campaign

  • The Competitor Keyword Research Tool: This tool is used to find keywords that are helping competitors rank well.

While there is a place for both of these tools, companies need to find the ones that right for them. That is where the list below can be helpful. Some of these are free tools while others are paid. The goal is to find the right tool for your needs and leverage it to help you rank highly, increase traffic, improve leads, increase conversion rates, and boost sales.

Ahrefs: Paid Tool

ahref keyword research tool

Among the various keyword research tools out there, Ahrefs is one of the most popular. They have a tremendous amount of detail included in their tools and this includes keyword difficulty. They even provide something called clickstream data, which allows you to see how many clicks you might get from a single search engine.

This is presented in a graph format and this integration can help you see which keywords have traffic and which do not. This is because they collect their information from Google search results.

Another reason why Ahrefs is so popular is that they have an easy user interface that provides a tremendous amount of data on a single screen. It is even possible for you to create a list of keywords you want to target using the Ahrefs dashboard. This makes this tool a great option in the world of keyword research.


SEMRUSH: Paid Tool


SEMRUSH has long had a reputation as a powerful keyword searching tool for all sorts of purposes. At the same time, it is important for everyone to remember that this is not like any other keyword research tool. It actually provides a lot of other benefits as well. Two of the benefits of SEMRUSH include:


  • This keyword research tool can be used to find keywords using a seed keyword
  • This keyword research tool can also help you find keywords that are driving traffic to your competitors

Therefore, SEMRUSH can do it all. Based on a URL, you can find the keywords that are ranking for that page. You can even use this method to find the keywords that are ranking well for that entire website!

In this manner, you can use SEMRUSH to find both short and longtail keywords. Some of the other information you can collect includes:

  • Keyword traffic volume
  • Search engine reports
  • Keyword difficulty score

SEMRUSH is one of the top keyword research tools on the market, making this popular among bloggers and corporations alike.

Google Keyword Planner: Free Tool

google keyword planner

Google is the largest search engine so it should come as no surprise that they also have the most used keyword research tool. Of course, one of the reasons why it is so popular is that it is free. It also integrates directly into Google AdWords, which you might also be using. If so, these two tools can work together. Some of the important points to note about this keyword research tool from Google include:


  • This keyword planner tool provides a tremendous amount of information drawn directly from Google, which has a tremendous amount of traffic
  • Google Keyword Planner does not provide information on other search engines, which might be a limitation
  • This is a free tool

This is great for any website that is in the early stages of its development. It can form the foundation of a strong SEO campaign. While this is a great free tool, larger websites that are looking for more nuanced strategies might want to reach for a more advanced, premium tool.


Jaaxy: Paid Tool

jaaxy keyword research

Jaaxy is one of the top paid keyword research tools available today. Its major advantage is its volume. When it comes to the numbers of keywords provided, Jaaxy is ahead of most of the other options on this list. Many of the keywords that Jaaxy finds will not show up on other tools. This can help you create an edge on the competition. Some of the other benefits of Jaaxy include:


  • Jaaxy will provide information on keyword competitors
  • This keyword research tool will track search volumes
  • Jaaxy provides a unique feature known as a quoted search result, or QSR

The advantage of the QSR is that this will tell you how many other websites are trying to rank for that specific term. The lower the number, the better, because this provides you with an opening in the market.

SECockpit.com: Paid Tool

seocockpit keyword research

If you are looking for a keyword research tool that will double as a Swiss army knife, then you have found the answer. This keyword research tool does a little bit of everything. If you give this keyword research tool a seed keyword, of course, it will provide you with an answer; however, it also provides information on:


  • Trends in search engines
  • Organic competition
  • Traffic estimates

While this is a keyword research tool that is largely meant for SEO professionals, it also provides a vast array of information. One of the unique features is that it labels the degree of “niche” that every keyword carries. This is important for helping you direct your campaign. When this is combined with the “top results” monthly searches feature, you can see how much competition you have for a given term, helping you make sure you aren’t wasting your time.


KeywordTool.io: Free Tool and Paid Tool

keywordtool.io keyword tool

KeywordTool.io is one of the lesser-known tools out there; however, it does provide two unique benefits that are difficult to find with other tools. The first is that this provides a tremendous number of keyword suggestions. A simple search might produce more than 1,000 unique keywords based on a single seed keyword.

Of course, this only matters if you can filter down these results and find something useful. Of course, this tool can help you do that as well. You can filter the results, drill down to a few gems, and construct a few keywords that have been designed specifically for your digital marketing campaign. There is both a free and paid version of this tool, allowing you to try it before you buy.


Uber Suggest

ubersuggest keyword research

Uber Suggest is a free keyword research tool and one of the top free options out there. This keyword research tool takes a keyword provided to it and provides you with a nearly endless list of both alphabetized and numerous keyword variations based on the original input. This can even be taking one step further to uncover additional keywords by switching the target word by just a few letters.

In this manner, Uber Suggest is a free tool that could quickly provide you with dozens of niche keywords based on a single targeted keyword. This can help you increase the power of a digital marketing campaign quickly.


Moz Keyword Explorer: Paid Tool

moz keyword research

If you want to find keywords that are going to help you generate the most traffic possible, then you want to use this tool. Moz Keyword Explorer specializes in helping you find lateral keyword ideas. Provide it with one keyword and it will provide you with not only related keywords but also terms you might overlook. It can provide you with outside the box terms that you will not find anywhere else.

It can even predict how many clicks you are going to get for a certain keyword if you crack the top ten search results, helping you generate as much traffic as possible for your website. This makes Moz an outstanding keyword research tool.


Keywords Everywhere: Paid Tool

keyword everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a paid keyword research tool that will find the keywords on the top ten websites that are ranking well. This can help you find a campaign that has been designed around your competition. The most popular feature of this keyword research tool is the “people also search for” addition. It provides you with a list of keywords that are related to your search term. Best of all, it will display them right in front of you when you pull up your Google search results. This makes this tool incredibly unique and can help you plan a strong SEO campaign in real-time. You can even find keywords that target your customer searches even if they aren’t searching for what you sell! You can plan new products and services this way by figuring out what else your customers might be interested in!


LongTailPro: Paid Tool

longtailpro keyword research

LongTailPro is a keyword research tool that is based on cloud computing. This is one of the most advanced tools out there and is also one of the most popular. While this is a paid tool, it can help you find strong keywords that work great for sites that are looking to find a niche that might not have been tapped by other sites yet.

This keyword research tool also has different pricing plans that will help you find the option that is right for you. There is also a platinum version that provides a tremendous amount of detail that will help every SEO campaign, allowing you to make sure that you are targeting your keywords wisely.

Finally, they also have a competitor keyword checker. This will help you find the right keyword for your campaign. For all of these reasons, LongTailPro is one of the fastest-growing keyword research tools on the market today.



wordtracker keyword research

One of the most often overlooked keyword research tools available is called Wordtracker. This is great for SEO research because it provides not only SEO competition metrics features but can also carry out a SERP comparison. This tool is used to bring together a large, extensive profile of all of the relevant keyword information from across a designated industry. Then, Wordtracker will help you find related terms and assess the difficulty of going up against the competition in this area. That way, you can make sure that you spend your marketing resources wisely and get the most for your time and effort.

There is a free, 7-day trial for Wordtracker. Then, users can sign up for a premium account. The cheapest plan is $27 per month. There are multiple pricing plans that will help you tailor your investment to meet your needs.



soovle keyword research

Soovle is a unique keyword research tool because it can bring together suggested keywords that come from a variety of sources. Some of the places where Soovle will bring together keywords from include:


  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Amazon
  • YouTube
  • And more!

All of these keywords are compiled in one single, place making it easy for you to plan.

One of the top features of this keyword research tool is that it provides you with the option to save your suggestions. You can save keyword ideas with a drag and drop feature, allowing you to come back later and pick up where you left off. This is why Soovle is rising quickly in popularity.


Clever Gizmos Keyword Researcher Pro

clever gizmos keyword research

The Clever Gizmos keyword research tool can provide users with high-value, long-tail keywords. This tool specializes in helping people uncover long-tail keywords that are filled in by Google’s auto complete features. In this manner, this keyword research tool can be used to help people uncovered keywords that might be overlooked.

Furthermore, this keyword research tool can also help you write articles that have been optimized for your website via SEO in addition to working with the Google Keyword Planner tool. Therefore, the Clever Gizmos keyword research tool is a strong addition to most SEO campaigns.


Keyword In

keywordin keyword research

Keyword In is a unique keyword research tool. It has been designed to help you build a keyword list for Google Adwords or any other PPC program. This tool can even help you come up with new phrases that can help you optimize your website for SEO purposes.

One of the added features of this tool is that it can help you mix your words together to come up with new domain names that could fare better for traffic purposes. In this manner, Keyword In is a unique research tool that can help you carry out a wide range of tasks. It could prove useful for those who are looking to grow their keyword list.



wordstream keyword research

One of the top keyword research tool options on the market today comes from WordStream. They have a tool that allows users to conduct both SEO and PPC keyword research, making this ideal for anyone who is looking to come up with a well-rounded digital marketing campaign. This keyword research tool allows everyone to target a certain niche and then come up with further suggestions. Then, all of them can be grouped under a common theme, making it easy to launch groups of ads.

There is a free option for this tool. The first 30 of them are free. Then, people have to pay for more searches after this. Regardless, this keyword research tool is well-rounded and could prove useful to anyone who is trying to find ways to expand a website to a new target audience.


Google Trends

google trends

Given the size of Google, it should come as no surprise that they show up twice on this list. Google Trends is a free keyword research tool that provides a tremendous amount of data that has been drawn directly from Google itself. Therefore, all of the information is reliable and Google Trends will provide data on interest from certain regions, related keywords, and even keyword popularity. It is even possible to see how the traffic is trending among related keywords. This is also one of the rare keyword research tools that will provide you with data on traffic from other countries.

As soon as you use Google Trends to figure out which keyword is popular in your target market, you can use other tools on this list to measure keyword search volumes. Then, you can go to work optimizing your SEO campaign. This is one of the most important free keyword research tools out there.


Answer The Public: Free Tool

answer the public keyword research

If you are looking for a free keyword research tool, then you might have found your answer in Answer the Public. This is a keyword research tool that is great for helping you longtail keywords that are based on your seed keyword. This is a great place to start for anyone who is new to the area of keyword research.

You can see keywords in various formats such as prepositions, comparisons, and questions. This will help you figure out how small differences can make a difference in your search.

Answer the Public provides a free plan that will allow you to search up to three keywords in a single day. This is a decent amount for anyone who is looking for a free keyword research tool. You can even change the language of your searches. If you are looking for a higher volume keyword research tool, then you might have to check out a paid option.


Bing Keyword Research

bing keyword research

One of the largest search engines out there, Bing provides data on organic searches instead of paid searches or search advertising data. This matters because it helps people find the most natural keyword ideas for their purposes in highly accurate numbers. In this manner, people can use Bing to come up with keyword suggestions for all of their markets. Bing can even provide people with information on keywords in other languages. This makes the Bing keyword research tool a powerful SEO campaign option.



spyflu keyword research

SpyFu might not be as widespread as some of the other tools on this list, but it is rising in popularity thanks to the advanced nature of its software. This is incredibly useful for any website that is looking to optimize and remain ahead of their competition, particularly for websites that are in a tight niche.

Some of the important points to keep in mind about SpyFu include:


  • SpyFu’s two most important uses involve understanding what the competition is doing in their SEO campaign while also discovering untapped SEO keywords and markets that can be exploited in your industry
  • SpyFu has several modules including comparisons, domain histories, related keywords, and past keyword history
  • SpyFu doesn’t have the depth of keywords that some of the other tools provide; however, SpyFu is also relatively new and is growing quickly, so expect this to change

Finally, SpyFu also has a wide range of pricing plans that will allow you to tailor your pricing to meet your needs. Some plans are priced as low as $80 per month while the top level is $1000 per month.


Alexa Keyword Research

alexa keyword research

The Alexa keyword research tool provides users with the ability to see search queries from the competition. Then, they can see the percentage of traffic this search brings to their website. All people need is a URL from the competition. This is entered into the site’s information area. Then, Alexa will pull up all the information on search analytics and keywords that this site is ranking for. There is a free, 7-day trial that everyone can use via the Alexa keyword research tool. After this, people will have to upgrade to the paid version. Overall, this could be a nice addition to a well-rounded SEO campaign at a reasonable price.



serp stat keyword research

The goal of SERP Stat is to help you analyze the first page of competition. This is SEO software that has been designed to help you build content build links, and so much more. This means that while this is not a specialized keyword research tool, it can still provide you with a tremendous number of benefits. One of the top features of SERP Stat is that it can provide you with something called the competition graph. This lets you see the sites that are competing with you for a given keyword (along with certain related phrases) and how they are doing. If there is a big bubble that is soaking up all the traffic, it might be time for you to pick a different tool. Regardless, this is a keyword research tool that costs less than $20 per month. Therefore, you could get tremendous value for your money.


Find the Right Long Tail Keyword Research Tool for Your Needs

These are a few of the top tools that are available for those who are looking to improve the quality of their keyword research. It is critical for every business to orchestrate a strong SEO campaign.

This starts with finding the right keywords around which to structure a website. Companies that are willing to go the extra mile for their keyword research will construct a strong digital marketing campaign that will help them maintain an edge on the competition. Why not check out a few of these tools? They might make the difference in your online presence.

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